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Getting to Know Us

It has been a while since we have had a regular blog at Yellow Bucket Janitorial, but the time seemed right to bring it back. We want it to be a way for us to answer questions we field regularly from clients and prospects, give product recommendations, share important industry information, and just general tips on cleaning.

We want to kick off our first posting with a reintroduction of who we are…

Wendy and Daniel Gelbart began Yellow Bucket Janitorial, Inc. back in July 2000 as a part time enterprise aimed at cleaning homes and offices in Las Vegas. At the time we called our new biz Mom & Pop Cleaning Service to reflect our family business vibe (we changed the name to Yellow Bucket Janitorial, Inc. over a decade ago so as not to be confused with a similarly named dry cleaners).

For several years we balanced both residential and commercial cleaning, but have since transitioned on solely cleaning offices and other commercial spaces. We clean offices in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Wendy is a native New Yorker although she lost the accent many years ago. After spending her teen years in Southern California, she moved to Las Vegas in the early 90s to attend UNLV where she studied marketing (and later education). She is a Rebel through and through as well as a fan of her hometown Mets. She loves to bake and entertain. Her favorite thing about living in Las Vegas are the endless entertainment options.

While Daniel was born in Omaha, Nebraska, he has called Las Vegas home since his childhood. He didn’t think Vegas was quite hot enough, so he moved to Tempe to attend ASU before returning back to Las Vegas to settle down. A successful career in restaurant management led to his role managing operations for Yellow Bucket

. Daniel is an avid movie watcher as well as a SciFi and superhero fanatic. Daniel’s favorite thing about living in Las Vegas are all of the dining options available, especially over the past few years as he and Wendy adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and have been exploring new restaurants and cuisines.

We would love to connect with you and hear about your favorite Las Vegas spots, both for leisure and dining. You can find us on Instagram and Twitter @yellowbucketlv and on LinkedIn.

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