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How Often Should I Have My Office Cleaned?

When we go out to a new prospect, one of the questions we need to ask is how often they want janitorial service. Many businesses have a clear cut idea of what they want or need, others look to us for guidance especially if this is their first time hiring an outside service to clean their office or space.

There is no definitive answer to how often an office should be cleaned, as each client’s needs are unique. We have some clients that require a full cleaning five days a week. Others opt for a full clean once a week but daily trash and bathroom visits. Others are fine with a weekly service call (we honestly do not recommend service less frequent than that). The following guidance can help you decide what might be right for your work environment.

For general office cleaning, it really depends on how busy your office is, the size of your staff, and how the space is used. How much foot traffic do you get, how much trash is generated, do you have restrooms en-suite, do employees leave for lunch or eat at their desks? All of these will factor into the frequency of cleaning your office needs. Also, are you willing to ask your staff to take out trash between janitorial service calls or is trash piling up in the breakroom and bathrooms? Is there a bathroom restock and breakroom cleaning protocol for staff? If so, it’s 2021 so don’t forget to include the guys on the duty roster (cleaning is not just ladies work). When we come out for a quote, we go over all of this with you to ensure you are getting the service frequency that is right for your workplace.

For medical offices, daily cleaning is recommended. Your office most likely has heavy patient and staff volume, creates a fair amount of trash, and has moderate to heavy bathroom usage. We also notice that in a medical setting most staff tend to stay onsite for lunch breaks and would probably appreciate a clean breakroom to relax in. Plus, let’s be trash smells if it sits around for days.

Retail spaces should be cleaned daily, although many of the daily housekeeping tasks are generally done by staff with a professional service brought in for perhaps weekly deep cleaning. More frequent professional cleaning is needed if restrooms are heavily utilized by staff and/or customers. We all have a place we like to shop at but hate using the bathroom because it never gets cleaned...don’t be that place...we can help.

Think your office needs a fresh start on cleaning...reach out for a complementary quote!

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